How to Order


Payment Methods

1) Western Union /Quick Collect – Cash

Customers who want to send cash for their orders.  Go to your nearest

Western Union Location and  get  Quick Collect form (blue color)

and fill up with these information below:

– Pay to: Akins Tire and Automotive

City Code: AKTW

State: CA

Account Number: 786

And Call us back (559)-233-4141 to complete your order.


To find Western Union near you Call (English) 1-800-325-6000

Español 1-800-325-4045     or visit

2) Western Union – Quick Collect (Credit Card/Bank Card)

Call 1-800-634-3422 Ask to Wire Quick Collect

Follow these steps and call us back (559-233-4141) to complete the order

– Pay to: Akins Tire and Automotive

–  City Code: AKTW

–  State: CA

–  Account Number: 786

3) Postal Money Orders are Accepted

Please mail to:

Akins Tires and Automotive
1825 E. Belmont Ave.

Fresno, CA 93701


(Please write your name, shipping address, contact information,

vehicle and wheel information while sending the money order

in a separate piece of paper)

4) Financing

Instant Financing is available (in store only) to buy wheels and tires with 0 % down. On opproval credit, terms and conditions apply.

C. O. D (Cash On Delivery) Orders

A minimum 50% deposit is required for all C.O.D orders (C.O.D Fee Applies)
The amount of the C.O.D. must be paid CASH only
(no exception)

Mailing Address:

Akins Tire and Automotive

1825 E Belmont Ave

Fresno CA 93701


Ph: 559-233-4141

Fax: 559-268-2063

Fax: 559-233-0360